THE ISLE OF MAN .. feature film

This High-octane Action-Romance proves that no man is an Island!  An old alliance Alex Diamond, a reluctant former World Champion, to once again, face his fears and his demons.  He must fight his painful, dark memories and compete in the most dangerous motorcycle race in the world, The Isle of Man TT.  Everything is on the line!  To win means everything! but to win means you have to trust in other people again.  This is a story of a burning passion, new romance, and driving music to keep the pace at full-throttle.


The script for The Isle of Man feature film was originally written prior to 2000 after an auspicious visit to the Isle for the first time.  After several visits, the locals kept encouraging me to watch the race in June and even the senior race in August.

I immediately knew this was the absolute best backdrop for a film… the energy, the stage of the race, the emotions at a peak, and danger.


But I also knew there had to be a story to tell, not just a documentary of the race.  Several docs have been made and they are great, no need to do another version of a great doc.  I wanted to bring a story of romance and danger to this incredible location and dynamic racing environment.  It’s a perfect time for The Isle of Man…Michael C. Edwards


Premier Attractions Production company

Premier Attractions has been involved in every aspect of filmmaking since 1989 in Los Angeles.  From production to distribution in worldwide sales, PA brings experience and quality production credits to the project.  This film will be a collaboration with other talented individuals and experienced companies, each aligned for this exciting and successful venture